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What's DOS?
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How to transfer files from sdcard-internal & back

I had a 1GB SD card that was full so I swapped in a 16GB memory card.  The old SD card files show on my PC but I cannot get the PC to see the new SD card.  I was thinking that I would put the old SD card in the phone, move the pictures (or as many as I could at one time) to the internal memory, mount the new SD card and move them to it.  I cannot find a way to do this.  Is there an app that I can download that will facilitate this?  I also tried downloading the Admiral software for my PC, and it installed, but it will not work when I try to use it. 

Moto Sr Moderator
Moto Sr Moderator
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Re: How to transfer files from sdcard-internal & back

What I would do is:

Install 16gb card and format it with the phone.

At the same time put the 1gb card in your pc and copy all the files into a folder.

Once the 16gb card is formatted, power your phone off, and remove the 16gb card and install into your pc.

Now copy all the files from your 1gb card to your 16gb card and reinstall the 16gb card into your phone.

Power on phone.

You should be good to go from there.