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Battery Issue - Possible Solution For Some

2013-06-26, 18:59 PM

I don't see where this has been specifically addressed, so I started a new discussion.

My battery life on my Atrix HD has been TONS better than I had on my Atrix 2. I use the Smart Actions and Juice Defender to assist in keeping my battery use under control. I also need to add that I am in no way a "heavy" phone user. By that I meant I receive less than 10 phone calls during a normal day, around 20 texts, and I only occasionally will play Solitaire or Zynga Poker for gaming. I also use the internet sparingly, only watch a few YouTube videos a day and visit Google+ & Facebook a few times each day.

I was extremely pleased with the battery life until Monday, when I downloaded an RSS feed reader (G Reader) and subscribed to about 10 feeds. WHAT A MISTAKE! That app sucked my battery dry by Noon for the past two days. I even set it to only download over WiFI, but it still drained the battery like there's no tomorrow.

Soooo.....I uninstalled the app. I don't know if all RSS Reader apps have or could have the same effect, but if you are unpleased with your battery life and can do without an RSS reader, I would recommend UN-INSTALLING any of these apps you have on your phone. 

I don't miss the feeds, and never really used them because I have my local news sources e-mail their headlines/breaking news to me, which seems to be much less energy intensive. I also have Currents for news and entertainment.

Hopefully this will help some of you with your battery life issues. It would be great to hear if anyone else has removed any apps that helped to improve the battery life.


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