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Hidden WiFi Networks

2012-08-09, 19:10 PM

At the office I work at we have a hidden WiFi network that I have added to my Atrix HD and I cannot get it to connect to it. My Atrix 4G had no issues with this. I know I have the settings for the WiFi connection correct I am the Help Desk tech that puts it on everyones devices. Is there some setting on the Atrix HD that I am missing?

Solved! See the solution

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Re: Hidden WiFi Networks

2012-08-09, 22:27 PM

There is a lot of android information about this... I have not tried it with ICS, but basically hidden wifi networks are a violation of the wifi protocol. Just because it works, doesn't mean it is correct.

I have posted extensively about this in the past - there is zero security benefit in hiding an SSID as anyone with sniffer cand discover the hidden network.

Google's android code page has lots of bug reports opened agains hidden SSIDs, but I don't think they will change the behavior as it is not a bug. The protocol requires the SSID.

Someone mentioned it may be addressed in 4.0.4 but i can't find anything official about it. I personally hope they leave it as is, as hidden SSIDs give people a false sense of security.

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Re: Hidden WiFi Networks

2012-08-10, 12:19 PM

I had the same problem.  It is caused by the ATT Smart Wi Fi app.  Disable this application and it will work.  It also sigfincantly improves battery life.

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