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atrix hd and webtop?

2012-07-22, 17:08 PM

It appears that the latest version of the Atrix series does not include what I thought was what distinguished the series from the competition, the webtop application. Am I wrong? And if so, why bother calling it the Atrix at all? While a cradle is offered, what is missing is the ability to use the web via Firefox. Hey....use another browser for all I care (guess that would be  Chrome given Googles purchse :-) ), but replace it don't eliminate it.

(PS: For those of you with either the  Atrix 4G or Atrix 2, beware as I read on other forums that upgrading to ICS will require a webtop upgrade which is apparently very much a downgrade in webtop functionality.)

A disappointed Atrix owner.  Cry

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Re: atrix hd and webtop?

2012-07-22, 17:16 PM

You are correct - the Atrix HD does not include webtop. The Atrix line is Moto's AT&T line of Android devices moving forward, so the name doesn't necessarily imply specific functionality. All of the initial reviews prior to the release of the Atrix HD had also noted that WebTop was not present.


I'm curious to hear where other people are saying the ICS upgrade will cause a drop in WebTop functionality, as ICS has not been released, even for testing purposes, to the Atrix 4G. I had an Atrix 4G with ICS on it, via CM9, but that is not a Moto implementation.


I will indeed miss the docking capabilities, but Firefox aside, the primary reason for WebTop was to provide dock and HDMI out resolution screens that were not simply upscaled from qHD. With the Atrix HD's native resolution at 720p, that upscaled interface is no longer needed. It is no excuse to simply drop WebTop, but I can see the argument against including it. It also ate up a large portion of the internal storage of the phone...

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Re: atrix hd and webtop?

2012-07-22, 21:49 PM

The biggest complaint against the current version of ICS webtop is in regards to multitasking. Some people liked to have a web browser open in a window also with a note or email open. It is impossible to do side by side windows with native tablet versions of ICS.

But I found that only a few tabs in Firefox and I would run out of memory, so I welcome a more reliable webtop implementation, to bad Atrix HD doesn't get any webtop. But HDMI mirroring works well if I want a bigger screen.

I would really like to see a tablet email app make it into webtop - multipane view and other advanced functions that work better on tablet then a phone.

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