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Re: AT&T/Motorola System Update Fails

neilz said:

Just tried this ... and quit with a failed install.   Thanks anyway .. Smiley Happy

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During the install. Press both volume buttons as soon as the install starts. It should uncover the install menu and stop on the reason it failed. Post the last three lines of text that appear on the screen and post it here. We can probably give you an idea of what you need to fix.


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Re: AT&T/Motorola System Update Fails

I've tried that a number of times.    Held both buttons, at the red M after reboot, when the Android appears with the rotating matrix, nothing appears.  I've held it through the entire attempt to install, press them at the start and released.

Nothing appears to work, it usually drops me into the 'boot' menu with the recovery options, etc.

I'm getting resigned to not having this update on the phone.   Is there anything I should look at to see if something is amiss?   A setting or switch that may be "on" that should be "off" or vice versa??