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What's DOS?
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Ok my Motorola Atrix HD had some problems so I contacted Motorola about the issue i'm having.  Since I was still within the year of owning my phone they said I can send it in and get a replacement.  I specifically told them that my phone was already unlocked when i bought it (brand new). My service provider is MetroPcs not AT&T.  So they emailed me the instructions I needed to send my phone in and I did as instructed.  Everything went smooth and I received my replacement phone.  Turns out the replacement phone I received was locked, so I contacted Motorola and they said to contact AT&T so I did then AT&T said to contact Motorola and this went on for about 3 days. Finally I had Motorola and AT&T on 3-way.  AT&T told Motorola they couldn't do anything about it because you have to be an AT&T  customer in order to request an unlock pin for your phone but I was never an AT&T customer. So after AT&T got off the phone Motorola said there was absolutly nothing they can do. After they said that I got so angry and started asking a lot of questions (mild voice).  They still said there was nothing they could do.  They said that was the first time something like that ever happened.  It's been over a month and I still can't use my phone.  Can someone please help or give me advice?  

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Re: Return/Exchange

Duplicate post. Locking thread.


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