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Dear Motorola Agents, PLEASE READ AND HELP ME!!!! PLEASE

I have one Moto Z2 Force (XT1789-05), bought from, I didn't know device came Unlocked Bootloader, Device rom had problem with many apps, I googled and found one topic in XDA developer to Install Stock Rom, I downloaded and Installed India Rom, it's worked somehow fine, but still had problem, I downloaded Verizon Rom, Android 8, after Installed Android 8 Verizon Rom, Locked device bootloader immediately, now device stuck at Welcome Wizard in Android 8, after select language I got this message: (Please wait, this may take a few minutes) this is proof video (, after this issue, device already locked, I can't unlock, because need to go to the Developer Option in Setting, I stucked in Welcome Wizard, there isn't any bypass, So, I start to search in Google, XDA-Forum, Android Central and more, I created many threads, many requests, no one can't help me, I tried to reach google developer support to the tell to me how can I bypass Android 8 Welcome Wizard, there is must be a way, but I can't find it, now I can access to Android Recovery and Bootloader
1. if you help me to FORCE UNLOCK device without need Developer Option in setting my problem will solve
2. If you help me to Bypass Android Welcome Wizard, access setting and enable OEM Unlock
3. If you help me to update the device from Android 8 to Android 9 Verizon ROM via ADB Sideload or Update from SD card in Recovery mode
4. If you have any idea to how can I fix it
Extra Information: I bought Belkin and Uni USB-C to Ethernet Adaptor to help me bypass Android 8 Welcome Wizard, I bought WSKY WIFI Adaptor because device Wifi can't find any network (I found QR setup by tap several times in Language Selection), after this section need to download google device policy apk, my device can't find any Wifi Network and my Ethernet Adaptor can't help me either, So, I just remained with my phone, and I can't do anything,
Please, someone, help me
My Device SKU: XT1789-05

The Best Paul and Joseph Galvin (I Will Love Motorola Ever...)
Token Ring
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Re: Dear Motorola Agents, PLEASE READ AND HELP ME!!!! PLEASE

I don't think you'll get a reply since you violated many of the site rules.
As a "lesson learned", there is a reason why it is encouraged to buy a phone made for your region. Support is much easier to get locally. There is a reason why certain actions invalidate your warranty and those are never discussed here. I'm sorry for your loss. Perhaps the company that sold you the phone will be able to assist you in getting a replacement or getting a repair.

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