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Fastboot erase modemst1 every boot?

My phone is a Moto G7 1962-1 / River. It is bootloader unlocked with TWRP installed, and it is rooted with Magisk 20.0. It is subscribed to Total Wireless, a Verizon MVNO. I have tested this with a Mint Mobile SIM also, and this same issue exists with it, so the issue is not with the provider.


The phone cell connection started fluctuating on and off, in about a ten second cycle. Voice and cellular data would go on and off. I get 5 bars at this location, and this is not a signal issue. It does the same thing regardless of what my geography is. I tried everything, and found that restoring the phone to stock then installing TWRP & Magisk would fix the issue, but only until the first time it is rebooted, then the connection would start cycling on and off again. Someone suggested using the fastboot commands:


fastboot erase modemst1

fastboot erase modemst2


This does fix the problem, but again, only until the first reboot, at which time the commands have to be issued again.


So the phone now works, but any time that I want to reboot, it has to be connected to a PC. This is a real inconvenience.


I am not savvy enough to really understand what this command is erasing, or how and why it temporarily fixes the phone. I have tried restoring the phone to full stock and reocking the bootloader, but even fully stock, the connection starts dropping after one reboot. 


Does anyone know how I can fix this, or if I can add a command or something to the boot sequence to automate this process? That wouldn't be a proper fix, but it would be better than where I am at now.


Any ideas, suggestions or advice would be graciously accepted and appreciated. 



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