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Moto G6 Bricked

Hi. I am in search of the Blankflash file for the Moto G6 XT1925-6. Lenovo seems to be very bad at understanding what the blankflash file actually is which is sad when you take into consideration that they developed the software for the device. Again, to clarify, it is the BLANK FLASH file for the device, not the ROM. I am not attempting to unlock the bootloader as it has already been unlocked (motorola seems to think this is what i want to do as well and are refusing to support me in unlocking the bootloader). I repeat, I am in search of the B L A N K  F L A S H file for the moto G6 XT1925-6. If somebody out there could either extracty theirs from their device and send it over, or better yet, one of the bright minds over at motorola who designed the device could graciously bless me with a small piece of their software so I can enjoy their phone again, that would be great. Please do respond as soon as possible. I have provided a blankflash file as example so you don't get too confused, as well as the blankflash folder I am using which will actually contain logs about the attempted flash of the blankflash file. I attempted to use the blankflash file from Android PIE, as you can see it is labeled PPS and not OPS.


AGAIN, since this seems to be so difficult for motorola to understand, it is the blankflash file i am in search of, not the method to unlocking the bootloader. Thank you.

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Re: Moto G6 Bricked

Ola, voce conseguiu o arquivo para recuperar e tira o moto g6 xt 1925 do bricked? Estou com um também com o mesmo problema!

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Re: Moto G6 Bricked

I have also hard bricked my moto G6. i aslo need blank flash file for moto g6. if any one find it please maile me in

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