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What's DOS?
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Disable data

Hi, how do I disable data completely avoid data usage and only keep wi-fi. I have Background Data in Off and wi-fi connected, but I still getting charged for data usage. Please help.........Ken

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Re: Disable data

There are a couple apps in Android App Market that allow you to turn Wireless data off. APN OffOn is one I've used. I think a Data Plan is required by most providers if you have an Android Phone so you'll probably get charged for a plan even if you don't use it. You can also try calling them up and block data on the Network Side. I've done this with my personal provider.

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What's DOS?
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Re: Disable data

I've also been successful asking my carrier (PagePlus) to block all data (and MMS, which uses data).  It's worked perfectly - EXCEPT that they reset it at times (change of plan or phone, etc. details in a follow-up post).

Nothing else I tried worked, but YMMV.  (3g Watchdog worked when I was using a different device on AT&T.)