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Let's talks about 2.2 for

Me & You!

Hello! Just found the forum and got signed up. I've been a BB user for ages and always loved the centralized messaging. Then I played with Android and found the wealth of apps. I've had a MotoDroid and then upgraded to an Incredible and found the battery life and it's tendancy to go into what I can only call "spasms" (screen rapidly shaking) annoying. I've put my toe back in the Android pool with the Citrus and was wonder if 2.2 is on the horizon?

I'll probably get a faster phone and use the Citrus as a backup, but would love to hear about any timeline for upgrade to 2.2.


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Re: Let's talks about 2.2 for

Jack, I don't have any official information on a 2.2 upgrade for the Citrus.  I don't know that there are any hardware "gotchas" that would be complete show stoppers, but interest in the Citrus (cool little phone that it is) hasn't been overly demonstrative and development resources dedicated to it are probably limited, especially in view of the plethora of new products just making their way to market and more popular legacy devices with anxious users who've been pressing for updates.  It's not out of the question, but realistically not probable in the near term.  Best regards. - MarkC