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What's DOS?
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Odd occurrence today

Was out shopping. While the parking lot the gal standing next to me talking to me hit the key fob for her car ( to unlock it)  The minute she did my Citrus shut down (powered off)!? Anyone ever have this happen with a phone before??? Sure was weird! Don't think it was coincidence as the very second she hit the fob, her car lights flashed and car unlocked and my phone shut down. This is the only time my Citrus has ever shut down without command. Could it be some sort of frequency conflict??


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Re: Odd occurrence today

Very interesting. Never heard of this. Though some people report that if you lock your keys in the car and you're on the phone with someone  who has the keys they can push the button and unlock the car remotely. I haven't tried it myself yet.


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Re: Odd occurrence today

It would depend on the technology used by the keyfob but I have never heard of this happening before.

I have tried with several different keyfobs (Honda Civic, Dodge Neon SRT-4, Mercedes E550, Nissan 370Z, Chevy Silverado) and it didn't affect my phone at all even at zero-range. I don't know how or why this problem occurred but if it was indeed caused by the woman's keyfob it's safe to say the chances are very remote.

I hope you don't have any further problems like this and if you do please let us know.