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What's DOS?
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3 motorola defy's that don't work

I have 3 motorola defys and all 3 of them suffer from the same problems.  We have replaced these phones once already and have replaced the sims cards and still have the same problems. They are very slow, they freeze and lock up. Shut off for no reason. The most frustrating thing is that sometimes they won't allow you to answer a phone call or make a phone call.  These issues are intermittent but do happen on a daily basis.  Like I said we have upgraded the sims cards and replaced the phones once already. I know they are out of warranty but we have been trying to do things through tmobile and it has gotten us pretty much nowhere. We run a business with these phones, plus I have 3 school age children so having phones that work is a huge priorty to us. 

What's DOS?
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Re: 3 motorola defy's that don't work

Are they warning about no free space on the internal storage?

I experience similar symptoms every time the MediaServ app goes haywire and fills up the storage. Deleting the data for this app fixes the problem temporarily until it happens all over again.