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What's DOS?
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Android sounds on Swype keyboard

Hi all,

I hope I am in the right place...blush

I've had the Defy XT320 since March. It's been working fine, but the other day I noticed that the 'text messaging' screen (where your list of texts shows) has suddenly stopped showing new incoming texts from my boyfriend. It always shows my last text to him, rather than his latest to me. All my other contacts work as normal, showing the new unread text, so I don't know why it has started doing this...

However, what's really bugging me is the sounds on the keyboard!!!

I have it set to Swype, and it's been making that 'kissing/sucking' sound (only way I can think to describe it) when I touch the screen. Somehow, I accidentally set it to the Android keyboard a couple of weeks ago and quickly turned it back to Swype as I hate the 'clacking typewriter' sounds it uses!

It's been okay till a couple of days ago, when it seemed to take on a hybrid sound set up all of it's own!!! angry

It 'kisses' when I press anything other than a letter key, and then 'clacks' on letters. Also before, it would make the 'kissing' sound when I selected a word from the dictionary screen above the keypad, whereas now it is just silent... sad

I have looked at the settings, and everything is set to Swype. I don't even see an option where I can change the keyboard sounds (like you can with the ringtone settings), so I assume the only choice regarding sound is whether you are on the Swype or Android keyboard...

'Use sounds from Swype' is active, but it's not using them!

Can anyone help? This clacking is driving me insane, and silent mode is worse because you have no idea if you have touched the screen or not...

HEEEEELLLLP!!!!! crying