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Forum for Defy Mini and Motoluxe

Hi all, we are creating a consolidated forum for the Defy mini and theMotoluxe. We think a larger community will bring more of your knowledge to bear on issues, give us more "critical mass" needed for a lively community -- and of course will be more fun. Don't worry, all threads will be saved and navigation will be adjusted.




What's DOS?
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Re: Forum for Defy Mini and Motoluxe

I have some issues with my Defy Mini. From time to time,I find out that  some of my contacts, in my phone book ,disappear. That happened from the very beginning but first I thought I made a mistake while introducing the numbers.

It happened several times now and I'm no more happy  with my Motorola. The disappeared contacts are contacts I call frecvently but all of a sudden, when I open my contact list, when I go on their name( because the name is still on the list ) and I press on it, I get this message: Contact does not exist. It's pretty annoying when you need to call somebody and you cannot .

Another issue is that: when I open my photo gallery  I cannot see  pictures but  lock icons and I have to open them one buy one without knowing wich one is that one I open+ I cannot slide them.

Anybody got the same problems? Anybody knows how to fix it ?  Because of this issues I'm no longer happy with my Motorola.  Thanks!