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What's DOS?
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Help - how to remove Pre-installed Apps

Hi there, is there any way of removing pre-installed apps, like twitter, voice, all blacks these aps are taking up space and I don't use them or intend to use them.  I have Facebook and Candy Crush as my two downloaded apps, my phone runs slow, I can only receive and send a maximum of 20 messages before I get a phone space full incoming message rejected please clear inbox.  Very frustrating.

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Re: Help - how to remove Pre-installed Apps

Hey Leslie83,

It is not possble to completely remove pre installed apps without altering the software and that voids the warranty. To manage the memory on this phone more resourcefull, you can uninstall the updates for these apps.

settings--> applications--> manage applications-- > Downloaded--> tap for example on cardio trainer and tap on uninstall update

After this, open the Cardio trainer and tap on the menu button (4 little cubes) --> settings--> set to do not auto update apps.

That should free you some space.

As well, if you have emails with large attachments or files you want to have access to on your phone it is possible to store them in the "cloud". Google Drive stores files on the Google Servers and you can access them on your phone without actually storing them on your phone.

Hope that helps.



What's DOS?
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Re: Help - how to remove Pre-installed Apps

Solution 1: Root

The only way to remove these third-party apps would be to root your Android device and receive the Super User status. 


Solution 2: Task Killers

Removing a widget: any of these which are displayed on the homescreen can be easily removed by tapping and holding the shortcut of the widget and drop it into the recycle bin.


Removing Apps: Any other application that you might want to “remove” requires the installation of a third-party app called Advanced Task Killer, which can be installed from Google Play. These types of apps will ''kill'' the process from running on your phone and auto-kill the app from starting (booting).


Once you've done this, the app will only be seen in the app drawer, however you reverse the process by going into the settings of your Task killer.


Just because you've ''killed'' the app, it will still take up storage however it won't use any resources.


If the app isn't protected, it can easily be uninstalled with an Uninstaller app.


You may also follow this guide: How to Remove Preinstalled Apps on Android