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What's DOS?
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7 days of usage left me in a state of sorrow, when I purchased MOTOROLA DEFY MINI [XT321] with huge expectations on the product. Unfortunately I was punished right from the day one when the DIALER MENU went to non-responsive state for a while everytime I touch an option.Even it takes 15-30 seconds to toggle between Recent Call Logs and Contacts and sometimes it ends in a hung state when I was about to choose a number to dial from the Recent Call Log.

Also the bluetooth had its revenge on me.It's status shows that it has paired up with my computer but not connected.It accepts file from my computer, but it results in a failure when I try to send a picture or file from the Mobile to computer.

And the gmail option once configured with an account login details cannot be altered or removed from the accounts settings.It just remains connected and doesnt get removed if tried to remove.The removing interface graphic revolves endlessly but it isn't done.

And finally the customer care centre located in our city [ VIJAYAWADA ] has an outstanding support that they just say that the technician is not available and asked me to come the next day. And the next day I was told that they will update the software and asked me to verify whether the problem still persists. I was finally handed over the mobile with a reply that they had raised a request for PLC board and they will get it replaced within 10-15 days, without even reinstalling the device software/O.S.

When I claimed to return the mobile back and want to upgrade to another model or end up with a refund they said that it would be possible only within 7 days of purchase and not beyond that.When I approached them on the 7th day after purchase their reply that technician is not available, finally led me into a state of BEING FOOLED by a REPUTED MOBILE COMPANY to get hungup with the useless piece of LIFE PROOF gadget costing 11,365/- and waste of valuable time.

With a great reputation among the mobile manufacturers it's a poor show by MOTOROLA to operate inefficient and irresponsible customer care personnel, who doesn't even know to upgrade the O.S but can raise a request for a new PLC Board stating that it has malfunctioned.

Lastly I guess many of MOTOROLA DEFY MINI's [XT321] has been facing the problem of DIALER MENU OPTIONS DELAYED RESPONSE. So I ask on behalf of this issue whether the issue has got a solution or is the company fair-enough to allow for an upgrade to an ERROR-FREE model.

Bit Torrent
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Could you contact Motorola support in India:

Blue Screen Again
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use exDialer from google play store.  Its a nice replacement to the stock dialer.

What's DOS?
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I was also facing the same problem and gave my three months old mobile to a service center in nungambakkam, chennai on 2nd november 2012, they promised me to return back the mobile within 7 days after changing the motherboard, but i am yet to recieve it, almost 14 days, i wonder what these service centers are for ??? and why motorola is making stupid phones like this for Rs.11,800, they should recall all defy mini and reimburse the money to customers, a good company will definitely do this.  i am still without my mobile and service center guy tells he need 10 more days!!!! I spent Rs.11,800 on a mobile and still living without it, it feels like someone has stolen Rs.11,800 from me !!!! Motorola plz listen to your customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have already mailed about this to motorola support and waiting for reply.