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What's DOS?
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DEFY+ problems after uprgraded to 2.3.6 from 2.3.5

 Hello all. I do really need your support. Everithing has started with a problem when oppnening gmail account. The widget was continuosly re-opening , so, (my mistake) I have done an available upgrade to 2.3.6 Android.

 After this: notification bar is not present . I cannot see if I am connected to a wi-fi, i can't see the battery level. And this is annoying me. I have looke in the setting: notification bar - checked.

 When someone is calling me is not poping-up the dispaly with contact details. the phone is just ringing. For beeing able to see who's calling me , i have to go to the Dialer.

 The widget with social networking is not loading. He is showing me the last notification, but if I want to open it, he is getting stuck, showing me only a list of grey pages, with nothing inside.