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Re: Wifi connection problems


Only thing ... I have no issues but then I'm not using WEP but WPA2 (have the wifi on about 9 hours a-day) ... agree with britof's comment ... warranty ...

What's DOS?
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Re: Wifi connection problems

 While I have had no problems with connecting, I confirm that the Wifi receiver in the Defy+ is very weak. My old phone (a 6 year old HTC) and iPhones are c. 30 m awway and connected to my router, I have to be within 10 m with my new Defy +.

And it absolutely eats battery.


What's DOS?
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Re: Wifi connection problems

I finally got my office network accessible to the phone, turns out they use a SECONDARY sub-protocol and the listed protocol on the phone is NOT what the corporation uses so after a day of trial and error I can not connect via a secure network at the office with no issues.  Home is a different problem and still no luck getting it to connect there, so still running an open network which I have to lock down when not using it.

I have too noticed at home that connectivity is much more sensative on the Defy+ then my daughter's iPad.  This morning I could get 2 bars on the wifi downstairs as the Defy was dropping and reconnecting and I would have to immitate the old days of standing at odd angles and holding the phone in weird ways to get a signal and maintain it (if I moved the slightest connection would be lost in some places).

I also find the GPS takes forever to lock on, sometimes 2 minutes when standing at a window or on a bacony with clear sky above.  I did d/l a compas that lists the GPS satellites being used and it would vary from 4 to 7 so the signal is there but not sure what settings Motorola is using as some with rooted phones claim to have much better wifi and GPS connectivity after rooting. 

I turn off everything at night, wifi, bluetooth, GPS, and sync as well as shut down all but 4 apps from running and keep the phone in night time saver mode which can extend my phone to 2 sometimes 3 days if I don't use any apps and just wifi for syncing work email.  I would still like to know why my simple 802.11b router and the phone can't sync on wifi.  I really hate opening up the wireless during the day and when working from home.

What's DOS?
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Re: Wifi connection problems

I am having all the same problems i have a NetComm wireless not matter what i do it will just search find the disconnect and search again. We just brought 2 of these phones for work but they will not stay conneted Itoo have add the mac to the routor , tried with all encryption and will not work Now to have 2 new phones do this out of the box means there is a problem with ither hardware not good enough or bad software design. Man i had to enter my device 2 times into Motoblur account online before it would let me in to the account...

More time need to be devoted to this problem Please

Has there been a fix to this problem at all as i got the phones throw Telstra Australia and they a locked into there network.


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Re: Wifi connection problems

Hi sprinteroz,

I am not sure I understand correctly: Is your connection dropping or do the phones not connect to your router at all?

In any case, try another router. Does the issue persist with both phones? If so,  then resetting the phones to factory settings might help (even if they are in 'out of the box'  state). Let me know how it goes.

If the connection is fine with another router for both phones or with one phone only, then the troubleshooting is more complex. I would need to know if the connection is there but dropping or if it doesn't connect at all.

A simple but 90% accurate tip: Check the password! It is incredibly easy to mistype it (and mistyping it 4 times in a row with the same mistake - been there, done that..)

Hope that helps.



What's DOS?
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Re: Wifi connection problems

This is common WiFi connection problem across all devices, Follow below steps.

1. Switch off your WiFi router.

2. In your Mobile Forget the WIFI connection and Switch Off the Wifi option(Disable Wifi)

3. Restart your Handset

4. Start your WiFi Router.

5. Enable WiFi Option in your Handset and Connect to the WiFi.