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What's DOS?
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BF5X battery in place of HF5X ?

I have an original Motorola Electrify (not the "M" or the "2"). The original battery was an HF5X.  The only HF5X batteries I can find are on ebay and Amazon and they have pretty much all been duds or cheap ripoffs.

I can find original, unused, packaged BF5X batteries.  My question is can I safely use the BF5X battery in the Motorola Electrify?  What issues might I encounter using it instead of the HF5X?

And if anyone knows where I can find a truly new HF5X let me know.

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Moto Sr Moderator
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Re: BF5X battery in place of HF5X ? seems to have them.  

The link I provided goes to a search page on their site for HF5X.  If it doesn't bring you to that page, just search from the home page.

I can't guarantee that these are the real deal, though.  Just another place for you to check.

What's DOS?
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Re: BF5X battery in place of HF5X ?

First, thanks crystallet for the reply. I had saw those but if you look closely the order is fulfilled by a third party not Newegg direct so I was wary of giving it a try.


I ended up buying the BF5X from BatteriesPlus.  Too bad for me though. The battery wouldn't hold a charge for more than a few hours.  Ended up buying a battery from Wireless Emporium online.  While it does not have the life of the original battery which lasted me for 24-30 hours it is usable. I usually have to re-charge every 18 hours or so now.  Wireless Outfitters online also had them and I'm getting about the same results from their batteries.


Bottom line is don't buy the $4.99 versions. They suck.  You'll need to pay around $20 to $25 to get the ones from the above sellers which actually have some life to them.


Love my phone but his battery issue is probably going to push me to new Moto X once the price drops on them.