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Deleting emails

2011-10-20, 17:28 PM

ELECTRIFY when I "trash" emails, messages, are they fully deleted, or do they store somewhere??  If they store, how do I fully delete them?/

Never mind, I looked at other posts, then played around with the phone and tried settings while on email, clicked on folders, found the TRASH folder, went through and deleted all the backlogged trashed emails.


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Re: Deleting emails

2011-10-20, 17:52 PM


Welcome to the Motorola Forums!

I found this answer online in the Google support forums in response to the question of "how do permanently delete messages from Android's gmail client?"

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is it possible to permanently delete messages from android's gmail client?Report abuse

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Hi cambo x93. I thought it was possible by going into the Trash label and deleting the email. I was surprised by what happened when I tested that, however: The message disappeared (as I expected) but subsequently reappeared in my Trash. My guess is that it was reinstated by Sync rather than Sync recognizing the deletion. I moved this to the Android Mobile Forum to get it reviewed by a specialist in the Android Gmail app.
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Hi Camo,

This is a known limitation. There are a couple of ways around it depending on what you seek to achieve:

1.       Logon from your browser and select delete forever from the web app.

2.       Don’t sync the Deleted items label

I’ve chosen the second option but on the other hand I very rarely delete and is not that affected by this curious lack of feature.

Thing is that thrashed mails should be deleted after 30 days, and since I selected to only sync 4 days worth of garbage it should only be present in the cloud for 26 of those days.

To sum it up, the thrash function is flawed. If it’s a viable option for you, you can chose not to sync that label and messages that you delete from thrash will not show up again on your phone.

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