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What's DOS?
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Would you upgrade to Electrify M??

Moto Sr Moderator
Moto Sr Moderator
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Re: Would you upgrade to Electrify M??

If it is like the M on Verizon, it will be really nice! Smiley Happy

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What's DOS?
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Re: Would you upgrade to Electrify M??

I got one on Monday. I returned it today. My problems with it:

1. The phone feels quite cheap, almost like one of the disposables for Net10 or something. Not near as nice as the original Electrify, or the Electrify 2.

2. It is very difficult to use custom ringtones. I have a file on my SD card for ringtones. When I insert it into my GSIII, it recognizes them and I can assign them to contacts, or set a ringtone for the phone, or notifications tone. With the Electrify M, you have to download a third party app to make the ringtones. Even then some work and some don't. I tried using Myxer to make my tones online. When the ringtone was texted to the phone, when you save it it went into the Google Play music player, and there is no option to use any of the music there as a ringtone. I ended up downloading the myxer app from the market, and some of the tones made that way worked, some still didn't.

3. Which brings me to the next thing, there is no function to access the files on the SD card, without plugging it in to a computer.

4. The screen on this phone is 4.3", but it seems quite small. The keyboard is very small and cramped, and the icons are much smaller than the original Electrify. The screen is however, very bright and crisp. The colors pop nicely.

5. I don't like the lifetime battery. When most phones freeze, or otherwise mess up, people know to remove the battery and this usually solves the problem. The majority of users aren't going to figure out that to reset this phone, you have to hold the power, and volume keys at the same time until it reboots.

There are some nice features and functions of this phone, but in my opinion Motorola kind of dropped the ball on this one. I highly recommend the Samsung GSIII. The cost isn't that much more, and it is a much nicer phone.