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What's DOS?
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Frequent Turn off Issue

I own Motorola FIRE-XT311- smart phone. I got this on 10-02-2012. The phone started giving trouble right from the second week of my purchase. 
The problems are as follows:
1. the phone turns off and turns on frequently during a call or after the call is over.
It turns off atleast 4 times in an hour while in use. It also turns off sometimes when I use an app on the phone. Sometimes even when I try to call someone from contacts.
2. The phone is slow and reacts slowly to the touches on screen. 
In total, it is not working even as a normal phone. 
So, I sent back this to service center in Bangalore. The phone got serviced in Remington Service center, CMH road, Bangalore.
Initially, he changed the display and it did not work. Later, The motherboard was changed and the whole set was changed EXCEPT the battery and the back panel. 
The initial IMEA number was 35848040674380 and now it has changed to 358548040849388. It worked fine for two days and the problems have started again. 
Now the touch response is OK, but it still turns off very very frequently for no reason. The phone turns off after a call, during a call and sometimes while I access an app or contacts. 
I am totally frustrated with this phone and I want to return this and please give me back my money. Please respond asap or I am forced to move to Consumer Court through my lawyer. The phone is not even working as a normal low-end phone, not even helping me to call or receive calls. It is very disgusting!
Please resolve this asap!
What's DOS?
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What's DOS?
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Re: Frequent Turn off Issue

I was having the same issue, Once I updated my Phone to Android 2..3.5, the problem has got re solved. i think you just update your firmware version to 2.3.5. I hope it works.





Ajith K