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What's DOS?
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My motorola fire XT530 get failure booting

This is the sequence of my motorola failure booting

1. The device in off status

2. Push on/off button at the upper right side for arround 2-5 second until the vibrate was occure

3. Motorola logo begin to appear i.e white M alphabet in the red circle then finished by appearing of sound

4. The condition of no.3 above was taken place at arround 20 second

5. Suddenly....the display is off (dark) for arround 5 second

6. Next......the status is back to no.3 ,4,5,6 and then back to no.3 ,4,5,6 again and again can not be stoped except you pull out the battere.

The question is what must I do to make clear the problem?


Thanks before