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What's DOS?
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Milestone 2 battery charging error

Hello everyone!!

I'm not from english-speaking country, so please excuse me for my english.

I will go directly to my problem: my Motorola Milestone 2 won't charge my battery (i have an original battery that came with the phone and it was working good, and one that i bought some time ago, replacement battery that also worked fine). Phone was bricked, and I managed to unbrick it by installing Personal Argentina rom, but now it won't charge my battery. In the battery icon there is [?] and when I plug in wall charger (or any other) on the screen comes out message: "Invalid battery! Your device battery is invalid and cannot be charged. Replace the battery with an original Motorola battery."

Anyone know what is the problem..can it be fixed?


Moto Sr Moderator
Moto Sr Moderator
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Re: Milestone 2 battery charging error

Sorry this happened to you.  

It sounds like you've modified your phone, and discussions about modded phones aren't permitted in this forum.  I suggest you search the web for other good forums on the web where modding discussions are encouraged, and see if someone there can help you sort out your problem. Assuming the error message you're getting is accurate, I don't believe Motorola sells parts to the public, but searching the web may yield the results you need.

Since we can't really discuss this any further, I'm closing this thread.