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What's DOS?
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Milestone 3: Release dates outside US


is there any idea when we will see this all in all great device in Europe - especialy in germany? Simple german minds don't care about unlockable bootloaders or pentile  at all - so please moto don't you let us wait until christmas!?

Greetings from germany,


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Re: Milestone 3: Release dates outside US

Hi Jan & other MILESTONE 3 watchers,

Unfortunately, we can't discuss individual regional launches on the Owner's Forum, but what we can do is share a link to the Motorola Media Center Press Release library:

This is the best location to check for formal product release announcements (either here or the press release library of your carrier of choice).

At this time, MILESTONE 3 has only been announced with China Telecom in the PRC.


Warren @ Moto