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What's DOS?
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Startup wizard missing, Google Play missing

I just bought an ME863 because I want a dual language phone with a keyboard. The problem is that even though the manual says that on first use a wizard will ask for my Gmail account, no such wizard occured. There is no preloaded Google Play or Gmail app and after manually installing these two from .apk files I still can't get my device to run them. The Gmail app just crashes and the Google Play app just refuses to acknowledge the Gmail account manually added through the settings screens and won't move past the "add acount?" prompt. What is going on? I lodged a ticket but the auto response said I would get an answer within 24 hours and I'm still waiting many days later.

Can anyone help?

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Re: Startup wizard missing, Google Play missing

If you have China Retail Phone I'm Afraid that there's nothing that we can do since they both not preloaded..