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What's DOS?
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XT860 hangs/restarts

I frequently experience hangs or restarts on my XT860. These are almost always related to the use of the mobile network (not WiFi). The issue usually happens within the first 5-10 min of using the cell data network.

At a later date from myself, my folks both purchased the same phone. They experience the exact same behavior. With all three phones having this problem, it appears to me that there's some form of firmware bug.

All devices are running the latest OTA (System version 5.2.476.XT860.BellMobility.en.CA).

I was hopeful that a future ICS upgrade would bring about some needed improvements in battery life as well correct the extremely annoying freezing issue.

According to the official forum, it appears the XT860 will not be getting ICS (a very big disappointment):

Without the ICS upgrade, I was wondering if there are any plans to continue supporting the device with bug fixes? I fear the device I purchased less than 6 months ago (my parents less than 3) may already be EOL (end of life).