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Blue Screen Again
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Milestone X2 low memory and other problems

So, I recently received a Milestone X2 with Android 2.3.6, but I was immediately disappointed with the performance out of the box.  The phone has great specs, but it is hampered by bloated software that slow it down tremendously when multi-tasking.

When listening to music with apps like Pandora or Rdio, the audio frequently freezes and stutters when doing anything else on the phone.  Simply checking a text message or unlocking the screen will cause audio stutters.  My free RAM is usually at around 15-20MB, which causes apps to be sluggish, and even sometimes completely stop.

Another issue, is that there is no option to move applications to the SD card (which is standard since Android 2.2).  It is replaced with 'move to media area', which is simply more internal memory.  This is very misleading, because when apps are designed to use the SD card, the phone basically 'tricks' them into using the internal memory.

I can live without moving apps to the SD, since we have quite a bit of internal memory, but the high RAM usage really needs to be addressed.