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Re: List XT701 Bugs

Current System Version : 41.07

Country of Residence: Peru

Service Provider: Claro

1. Sd cards not mount randomly

2. Wifi not connects where the signal is poor, but when the signal is good it dont try to reconnect, i need reconect manually

3. After push button to take a photo it takes more than 2 seconds to take it

4. Video recording in night conditions is poor in normal light conditions it take a lot of snow.

Please i understant if you decide not upgrade to froyo but i hope motorola corrects all this bugs an make

an update i dont understant why Motorola leaves their costumers. I think we buy a Phone not a brick.

I hope we recieve soon an update that correct all of this isues at least

What's DOS?
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Re: List XT701 Bugs



3.通話時間常常超過45 Sec up 會自動切斷

4.Not install new safe.

1. It is often crash.

2. It is often incorrectly of Web page.

3. It is often talk exceeded 45 Sec up when automatically cut off.

4. It can not install new software.

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Re: List XT701 Bugs

the 1st bug is: Can't be upgrade to Andriod 2.2. Then how about Andriod 2.3 and 3.0?

What's DOS?
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Re: List XT701 Bugs

This phone is very easy to get into the dust, and deep sleep, wake up after the other keys can not be used。。。

Want to be able to upgrade to 2.2.。。。。。。。。。。。。。

What's DOS?
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Re: List XT701 Bugs

List XT701 Bugs


1. WIFI链接时断时续,断线后需要重启手机才能重新连接。

2. 自带录音机通话录音时总是嘟嘟声。

What's DOS?
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Re: List XT701 Bugs

  • Current System Version: 41.07
  • Country of Residence:Hong Kong
  • Service Provider:CHT

1.Running games and browser webpage feel some lag even through had overclock

2.Using live wallpaper will very lag.

3.Use lots time to load photos when using 3D photo album.

4.After taked a photo, it can't show in 3D 3D photo album.

5.Sometimes, the screen has no response after I pressed the lock bottom.(cannot turn on the screen)

6.  Always show the programs are no response and order me to force  close.(the programs which are download from market or already on the  phone basiclly)

7.Sometimes when I touch the screen , I need "press" the screen then the screen get response, not using "touch".

8. Always reboot when I am using or not using.

9.Always has a time lag after I deleted some apps

10.It's hardly to show back the home screen after I used programs(specially the full screen apps)

11.the "answering calls bar" is so difficult to drag it

12. Recording a video will lag

13. The memory is extremely not enough to install apps and receive SMS , therefore we need app2sd function

The important bugs are showing in bold.

What's DOS?
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Re: List XT701 Bugs

  • Current System Version: 41.07
  • Country of Residence:China
  • Service Provider:China Mobile

1、Upgrade 2.2

2、Running in China mobile 2G network. Use the system take of APN shut-off network for a period of time. Once again when opened. The network can't open. Must be enabled flight modes. Or restart mobile phones can, this problem is often appear

3、Music player cannot switch music. Music players can of third parties.

4、A serious problem, I put it in your pocket when the phone. It was very good. But. After a period of time. Perhaps it was long time. I'm from my clothes took my mobile phone. It doesn't have any reaction. Need to take down the battery. Restart your phone. Mobile phones wouldn't start. Appear android icon. Cannot start after. Appear android - screen - android - screen - android.. Repeatedly... I WIPE the factory Settings. J reduction cell phone it can work. This problem appear multiple times. I hope MOTO to deal with this problem!

5、Operating memory is too small.. Will increase. Can take other aspects of reduced. Why not open SWAP?

6、Processor 550MHZ upgrade to frequencies from 720MHZ,  (CPU)

7、ROM too little, I cannot be installed more software and the game!

8、My alarm clock will no response, must take the battery

What's DOS?
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Re: List XT701 Bugs

It's so disappointing to hear that XT701 will remain on Android 2.1. XT701 was only released last March, and I'd made a stupid decision to have bought it last November, I just cannot understand why Motorola stopped the upgrade. I won't buy any Motorola products in the future, unless Motorola provides further software upgrades to XT701!

What's DOS?
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Re: List XT701 Bugs

    * Current System Version: 41.07  

    * Country of Residence:Hong Kong

    * Service Provider:CHT

# My phone is automatical restart (cannot used),it's keeping restart.

# The screen is no response when I touch it , it needs me to press it, but my phone is touch screen.

# The phone has no response when I press the lock key and I need to remove and reinstall the battery.

# The apps including the software was installed when I bought the phones (eg, Camera, google maps and telephone)were always no response and force close. # Always cannot detect the SD card. # cannot go back the home page and I need to remove and reinstall the battery.

# Not enough memory # Cannot browse the flash 

I already went to maintenance centre at least 4 times for these probems

What's DOS?
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Re: List XT701 Bugs

As suggested by the facebook page I am also posting my issues here:

  • Current System Version: STR_U2_05.1F.2
  • Country of Residence:Canada
  • Service Provider: Wind Mobile
  • Phone:  XT720

1. the 8 GB Class 2 card included with the phone is defective, or the phone (i have XT720) has a problem reading Class 2 cards, after buying a 8 GB CLASS 6 card it functions alot better at reading the card. The CLASS 2 card has problems reading/writingand syncing or using camera functions with it causing the OS/camera app or other applications to crash

2. XT720 sleeps randomly and cannot revived unless you do a battery pull, and then restart the phone. And even once it slept when battery was low and even with battery pull, I was not able to turn on the phone, however it seemed to be sleeping cuz the function lights at the botton turned on upon being touched. (Final solution was to pull SD card CLASS 6 - then battery pull, then restart and somehow it worked again), but even this is a problem with the phone...why does it randomly sleep, or turn off and cannot be turned on?

3. Camera application is slow, and force closes or crashes often resulting in me having to start the camera application again. Sometimes this happens right after I go into the camera application, and sometimes when I'm about to take a picture or while its saving a picture. Its quite random and annoying for what is supposed to be a really good "CAMERA Phone".... I think a buggy camera app or buggy OS is really whats causing these problems

4. Slow MOTOBLUR LAUNCHER - the default 2.1 launcher is so slow and laggy, forcing me to install Launcher Pro (much smoother) or 2.3 Android Launcher....this shouldn't be the case! The default launcher should be much faster/smoother

5. Seems like some of the issues I'm having are interrelated or similar to yours above, ie. touch screen not responding, phone sleeping and cannot be restarted unless battery pull, slow OS performance, applications/camera applications crashing randomly, SD Card reading/writing/modifying issues and low memory on the phone for applications

6. Forgot one more scenario where XT720 crashes hard is while copying files/syncing music to the phone (CLASS 2 or 6 8 GB card), and then if the 8 GB card gets unmounted while the copy is happening ie. the USB cable gets pulled during copy (for example), the phone crashes hard and sleeps (screen is off, but touch buttons seem to light up if you press the power button) , and phone has to go through battery pull to process to be restarted, and sometimes that doesn't even work, you have to pull the micro SD, then put it back in, and then do battery pull/restart to get the phone going again... i guess this is related to the sleep issues/ SD card issues above

7.  Camera quality issue - i was taking a photo of a box of ferraro rocher (gold wrapping) in a supermarket and then I saw weird grey banding lines on the screen, seems like the lighting or the camera has trouble handling certain lighting conditions...

8.  Thanks I will post there, also new bug to report, I left my phone plugged into my computers usb port overnight and it seems my sd card in the phone unmounted itself without my permission somehow??