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What's DOS?
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Re: List XT701 Bugs

  • Current System Version: 41.07
  • Country of Residence:China
  • Service Provider:China Mobile
  • Description of issue:

  1. i have some problem in my android market,sometimes i download the software, when it's go 100%, the software disappeared, i don't know why.
  2. there are always restart the phone, for example,when you play fruit ninja so happy,suddenly the screen turn black and after a while there turn out a logo like broken wings (just a joke of MOTO logo), ...that kind of feeling must be..
  3. we really need the update, and i believe the reason of you store the bugs is to develop a new upgrade, i wish the new upgrade is android 2.2, you know there is over half of android mobile is using froyo. we really want to take part in this group, don't let us down. i won't sold my XT701, because this is my first android phone and MOTO phone, and i don't want this phone is my last moto phone...$3200, its can buy a HTC HD2 now in china.
  4. p.s. my english is not very well, but i am using english to talk with you, hope you can read my poor english. thnx!

What's DOS?
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Re: List XT701 Bugs

  • Current System Version: STR_U2_05.1F.2
  • Country of Residence:Canada
  • Service Provider: Wind Mobile
  • Phone:  XT720

1.  When phone battery is low, weird things happen.  For example the phone rebooted for no reason, or unmounted the micro sd card itself without my intervention.

What's DOS?
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Re: List XT701 Bugs

New problems :

1. always cannot read the sd card

2. the music files cannot be found but the sd card can be read

3. cannot set the mp3 files to be ringtones but the sd card can be read

4. The battery status is not realiable

What's DOS?
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Re: List XT701 Bugs

  • Current System Version: 41.07
  • Country of Residence:China
  • Service Provider:China Mobile
  • Bug description:
1、when send text message to many contacts  at same time, XT701 would Crash.

     when  GPS in the service  , sending  text message would create  XT701 Crash!  

2、xt701screen operation will became slow when it's used for a long time(example one month)

3、After the call, the screen display can not be lighted occationally!

4、I bought this cellphone in dec. 2010,now xt701 is in warranty !please  upgrade xt701 to Android 2.2! 

What's DOS?
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Re: List XT701 Bugs

So batmania15? 7 months since you posted this and no news... Looks like we just have wasted our times doing this...

This is totally shameful and disrespectful!!!

What's DOS?
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Re: List XT701 Bugs

  • Current System Version: 41.07
  • Country of Residence:hk
  • Service Provider: 3

-slow launching

-poor photo quality

-video recordings is not smooth.

-Camera too slow, long reaction time, and force closes, then system freeze,I have to take out the battery and reinstall it to restart the phone.

-memory extremely small, can only keep not more than 10 apps that I often use, and messages are delayed due to lack of memory.  (we need app2sd!!)

-Gallery is not refreshed after taking photos, and very slow loading.

-Even its basic function i.e to be a phone is not fulfilled, as my face can easily contact with the screen and cut the line. the sensor at top left corner is not working!

-file can not be transfered to computer when the battery go out, i have to wait for a long time so that the phone is on again.

-Sometimes SD card cannot be detected.

-not support flash

XT701 is the worst mobile phone I have ever used!

none of its functions are satisfactory


I will not buy moto's products again.

What's DOS?
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Re: List XT701 Bugs

Hahahaha...good summary .....could have made an encylcopedia out of the number of bugs listed in the thread.

No wonder with this support for their products they are out of business.

I am too really frustrated with the sluggishness of the phone.

It just keeps on crashing every now n then.

The only good point about the phone are its build quality and looks.

God help XT720 users