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What's DOS?
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Milestone XT720

I got a Milestone XT720 (UK version) recently and as a phone I can't really fault it, it mostly does what I want.

Unfortunately the support side of things seems to be non-existant and this worries me.

There is no section specifically for XT720 on the forums.  It's not clear if it should be lumped together with the original Milestone given the difference in release dates and specifications.

When using the Moto Phone Portal there is a link to support: which gives a 404 page not found message.

When using the Motorola Update Manager tool to register the phone, it doesn't recognise the phone exists.

When using the Motorola Software Update tool it can't even work out what model the phone is.

I'm also unclear on the specifications of the phone.  The official spec lists a 550mhz cpu and as far as I can tell that's what I have however before I bought it a lot of sources suggested it is/was going to be upgraded to 720mhz.  Is this going to be done via a software update or is it just pure fabrication?

Is the phone already being left to rot or is it going to be supported properly at some point?

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Re: Milestone XT720

In the sometime near future there will be a section on the forums for the XT720.  In the meantime you can post here in the milestone sections for support, these two devices are similar aside from some differences. 

For specs on your device check here.  Yes the processor is 550mhz as well.

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Re: Milestone XT720

And here's the link to the XT720 U.K. support site:

The processor of the XT720 is capable of running at 720mhz and may be updated to that.