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What's DOS?
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Re: MotoRoi, the Super DROID on the way soon.

Same here, although I use the keyboard so rarely I tapped it closed. I wonder why, aside from manufacturing details, that someone hasn't just made a phone in the form factor of the Droid/MotoRoi sans beyboard but with one that could snap on and become a slider or flipper? You could get a larger keyboard with more real estate for typing yet not have to carry it around if you never or rarely use it.

All of a sudden, langauge specific hardware keyboards become the reality or they could offer something like a dual display, all connected via the USB. Well, maybe not the second display if it make the thing too thick but I'd gladly pay for a snap on yet well constructed keyboard.

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Motorola Admin
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Re: MotoRoi, the Super DROID on the way soon.

Moving this thread to the pre-launch discussion community.
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