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What's DOS?
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Need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :(

Hey wonderful members, really I need every possible help from you as I'm facing a lot of troubles with my XT701 and really get mad of it day after day, so anyone could help me about find a solution for the following problem, don't hesitate to contact me even on my personal e-mail

1-after I have upgraded my XT701 from android 2.1 to android 2.1-update 1, nothing related to the internet is working even when I try to connect to my Wifi network, it give me succesfull connection sign but nothing appeared on the browser page also on the map.

2- I want any solution to insert arabic language into my XT701

3- I want to find some way to enable my phone to connect to the internet through 3G as even when I setup the APN correctly, it's keeping to tell me that there's table data connection.

4-also after I have upgrade the system from 2.1 to 2.1-update 1, I can't connect my mobile to the computer through the USB cable.

thanks and wait for any possible help