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To moto's administrators and managers

Dear moto's administrators and managers,

       Hallo moto, I think you have been seen many posts which are requesting   to upgrade the android 2.2 or above already, but you still have not  any  responses or explanation to us, we also have a question that is  "Do  motorola has concern about customers outside US ?".

       Actually, I have that question in my mind too, I am using XT701 in  Hong  Kong, my phone was gettting damage many times,such as the system  broken  down, the screen can not start up when I pressed the screen  lock,  cannot answer the call since the bar cannot drag , always  auto-restart  etc. I already go to

maintenance center at least 4  times, the  staff told me the motherbroad of phone was damaged  everytimes,it means  Motorola phone is so unstable on hardware or  software, but I still  supported motorola before you announce the  upgrade list for XT701 and  XT720.

      First of all, in my experience, I consider the android 2.1 just is a   semi-system for all smart phone, especially for those smartphones are   only have a few of rom space and ram, such as XT series ,milestone   etc.Nowasdays the games quality are rapidly raised, but also, the   storages are required more, such as Real football need about 10 mb, the   online games require at 30mb or more, but our phones are only have  256mb  rom, and 192 mb rom space is useableness, how can we install more  and  more apps and games? That's why we need the APP2SD in android 2.2  or  above, the function makes us can move a part of the apps and games   storage to the SD card, it helps us to install more apps and games to   get more fun.Without this function, I have been tried that I cannot   recieved sms when the rom space is lower than 20mb, Therefore the  APP2SD  is so important for us, for the rom space just has 256mb.

       Secondly, the other fuction is important for us is the flash player.   One times, I want to browse a web to check my payment, but the index   page is a flash material of the web, finally, I cannot check the  payment  record. Nowadays, many web are using flash materials, it's   inconvenience to us to browsing if we are without the flash function.

       Finally, the android 2.2 or 2.3 were comfirm the speed is faster than   android 2.1 five times, the milestone and XT series have 256ram only  and  CPU just 550mhz, we need the new system to boost our phone faster.   Anyone who has been used the milestone and XT series phones feel the   launcher is very lag, this is on eof the point we need android 2.2 or   above.

       After Motorola announced the upgrade list is the XT series will remain   on android 2.1, I feel so angry, Why milestone can upgrade but XT701  and  XT720 cannot, milestone has the same specs and processor with  XT701  ,and the XT720 CPU is better than milestone. Why they cannot  upgrade?  Many people think this is a discrimination to different area  customers  and it's not fair. Why motorola just corncern about USA are  and  customers only? Why the XT701 and XT720 are sold out later than   milestone but cannot upgrade?These questions are appearing in my mind   too.

       Moreover, we lose confidence to motorola right now, beacause we think   motorola has no respect for other countries customers because no any   staff and administrator to answer our question and explain why cannot   upgrade.

       I told many people don't buy motorola phones as motorola has no  respect  customers and any after-care servies on the core system, they  already  stop to buy DEFY now becuse they listened my experience.

       LG was announced the new phone and the first android phones can  upgrade  to android 2.3 ,but why motorola let us stay at android 2.1 ?  The first  LG is worser than XT701 and milestone, I think.

       Actually , I have been analysed the marketing in USA, most of   smartphone customers are using Blackberry , and the Android , finally  is  Symbian and other systems. If you just corcern about USA customers  only  and give up other countries, same time, you will lose the huge  market  in Asia pacific such as China, Hong Kong which are rapidly  developing  countries and regions.That's why Motorola are facing deficit  now from  2008.It's beacuse Motorola is not concern the new systems are  rapidly  developing and become popular.

       If motorola still has not reply our questions and give us reasonable   explanation to us , we will boycott motorola continuous, at least me.

Yours sincerely,


DansDroid Moto Emeritus
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Re: To moto's administrators and managers

This forum is for USA customer support of Motorola phones.  Motorola support outside of the USA is handled according to how the local and unique country laws are setup.  We are unable to address problems outside of the USA on these particular forums.    --- Dan