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What's DOS?
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Re: XT720 Upgrade News

Even HTC Evo, a phone announced in June 2009, is already getting updated to 2.2 FROYO! Motorola < HTC. I won't ever buy motorola products again. So what if your honeycomb tablet's coming out? Your reputation's going through the mud! I'll help spread the word around to warn my friends about this company's inability to even compete effectively with it's competitors.

What's DOS?
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Re: XT720 Upgrade News

Please join the Facebook group "PETITION TO PUT XT720 ON UPDATE TIMETABLE"

What's DOS?
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Re: XT720 Upgrade News


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Re: XT720 Upgrade News

Information regarding the upgrade status of the Milestone XT720 is now listed on Motorola Android Software Upgrade News.

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Powered by Motorola.

(MB501 - CLIQ XT™)

What's DOS?
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Re: XT720 Upgrade News

I have lost U$S 400 buying a phone with no support. Thank you MOTO. Now, btw late, you identify all Milestone models in that page with proper model numbers but, at the time I bought my Milestone XT701 it wasn´t identified that way so I thought it was going to receive update and that´s why I bought it. Don´t you think I deserve a solution?

My last motorola device for sure! and I will take care of explicitly NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYBODY!!!

Thank you!

What's DOS?
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Re: XT720 Upgrade News

What is the difference between MOTOROI XT720 (Korea) and MILESTONE XT720 (EMEA and NA)?

Upgrade to 2.2 is planned for MOTOROI XT720.

What's DOS?
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Re: XT720 Upgrade News

How many people that are complaining on here have actually written a  letter to Moto with attention to Dr. Sanjay K. Jha asking for this  upgrade? How many letters have gone out to corperate HQ pleading our  case and trying to prove this is an injustice? I have! I have sent  letters, sent emails and called multiple times. BUT I cant do anything  as one person, or even if 10 people do takes hundreds,  thousands, whatever we can get but there is no point complaining on this  site if thats all people want to do. It takes 10 minutes and 44 cents  for a stamp to write a letter. We could change this BUT not without  standing up like people did with the DROID. They got their upgrade  because they screamed loud enough, why cant we? GIVE IT A TRY BEFORE YOU  QUIT ON THIS PHONE! Send a letter to your country's HQ and scream and  send the same letter to the U.S. HQ to Mr. Jha. I mean if the Motoroi  XT720 can get 2.2, so should all the rest of the XT phones, they are  basically the same phone!! STAND UP AND SCREAM WITH YOUR VOICE, NOT YOUR  KEYBOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Sanjay K. Jha

C/O Motorola, Inc.

1303 East Algonquin Road

Schaumburg, Illinois 60196 USA

Mr. Jha is the CEO of Motorola Mobility Division and Co-CEO of Motorola Inc, so he is the man in charge!

What's DOS?
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Re: XT720 Upgrade News

XT701 can not upgrade to 2.2,this is my first moto phone and also my last one!!!

bye bye moto,you will be a rubbish company again!!!!!

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What's DOS?
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Re: XT720 Upgrade News

I see a lot of negative responses and believe me, I ain't happy with the descision too. However do you realy think telling Motorola this will be your last phone you ever bought from them will make them change their minds.

Also I see a few people with abusive language against other people here. I don't see how this would contribute to a solution. You really think these people don't just do their jobs?

My main concern is, what the procedure will be with security fixes etc. Will motorola still continue to release firmware upgrades patching bugs in Android 2.1 or will we be left in the cold on this part.

I would really appreciate if someone from Motorola could give a straight answer to that question.

What's DOS?
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Re: XT720 Upgrade News

I have written to Dr. Jha twice and he has not even had the courtesy to respond. I am pretty much convinced that no one at Motorola including Dr. Jha ever looks at these forums or gives a damn about how their customers feel about their products. Just look at the Motorola Facebook pages. There are hundreds of posts on this subject and the only response is to delete posts for foul language. What a joke!