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XT720 bugs and lacks that must be fixed

Hi All,

So Motorola says that we will have no upgrade from Android 2.1 to 2.2

Let's say Motorola is right!

At the time of purchase the XT720 was equipped with Android 2.1 and that's what I bought, so upgrade to a newer system is (kindly) up to Motorola.

BUT ... My XT720 has some evident bugs and lacks; those Has To Be Fixed because I consider them sort of problems that have nothing to do with the OS version.

From a designer point of view they have to be considered results of a incomplete system test phase.

So here there are a list of BUGs and LACKS I expect Motorola is going to fix soon (regardless if they use a new Android 2.2 or whatever)

LACK: Picture quality too poor

Symthom: My 4 yars old Nokia N95 with 5MPix camera takes better pictures than my 8Mpix XT720

(does not apply to pictures taken with Xeon flash - XT720 quality is much better than Nokia N95)

Please check my post here

BUG: Camera in Night Mode is not working on my device

Symthom: No difference at all between standard mode and night mode pictures' brightness

(see also my post here:

BUG: Camera sound click is not affected by silent mode

Other XT720 owners are invited to post here their list but I strongly suggest to report BUGS that can be reproduced and LACKS that are somewhat measurable (not something that is just nice to have).

Let't give Motorola Team a consistent feedback of XT720 problems



Model number: Motorola XT720

S/W version: STR_U2_05.1F.2

Firmware version: 2.1-update1

Firmaware configuration version: GAS_NA_NAWIND_P012

Baseband version: 3GSMEPU91A_U_91.07.5EI

Baseband configuration version: USASHLSTAB14P2XAPCNWND03B.0R

Kernel Version:


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Re: XT720 bugs and lacks that must be fixed

Lets not get upgrades confused with updates.  Motorola announced that there will be no upgrade to Froyo but that is completely separate from updates that would address bugs. 

If you would like to list your bugs here that would be great, I will compile them and forward them on.  Thanks.

What's DOS?
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Re: XT720 bugs and lacks that must be fixed

Hi batmania15,

Thanks for your reply.

I really like the XT720 phone.

I like the elegant shape and despite its wideness it perfectly fit in my pocket.

Finally I can use a phone also to surf the web thanks to the wide and high resolution display (the new Nokia N8 has a "small" 640x360)

But you can understand a lot of users have bought the phone for it's camera claims, so Motorola has to fix bugs and lacks for one of the claimed main feature.

The camera is supposed to be a state of the art 8MPix and cannot have worse details than my old 5MPix.

(Videos are definetly better than my old nokia but it's an unfair comparation)

I really hope Motorola wants to work to fix those ... in accettable time!


What's DOS?
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Re: XT720 bugs and lacks that must be fixed

The biggest issue is the HD movie recording.

In the first 30 second I always get the Low memory warning.

And the recorded movie is very laggy / lumpy. It stucks for seconds.

Look in the recorded movie info I see that the camera is recording in variable frame rate mode, and

the lowest frame rate is about 3-5 fps, this is not motion picture, this is more like a slideshow not a smooth movie.

Even is SD mode can be the same. I use a class10 SDHC card, so it is not beacuse the card speed.

I heard something about a memory garbage collector bug, but maybe the dev team will know.

And there is no AF in the movie mode.

Today I saw a HD recording from a Milestone 2 and it was much better than the XT720, it was totaly acceptable.

In photo mode: sometimes (usually at first shot always) can be a very big shutter lag (1-2 seconds).

And the photo quality is below average.

The xenon flash is very good anyway

So please forward this problem. Thank You!

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Re: XT720 bugs and lacks that must be fixed

Thanks guys, I welcome more posts.  I will forward them on.

What's DOS?
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Re: XT720 bugs and lacks that must be fixed

great post...and tahnks batmania for collating these

firstly, it is a great  phone, so brings tears to me eyes to know froyo is not coming (i.e. more the idea that it was not popular enuogh to support on the latest platform level).

my issues are:

- Camcorder images and or sound freezes when recording

- Camera still takes too long to take a snapshot...regardless of autofocus or not...its just too long

- recording "BONGGGG" when commencing 1 year old, just hears it and charges towards me every time...i can never sneakily record him in action

- Gallery still will freeze on playing a video, or just bringing up the full list of files (video and photo)...i think media gallery might be better than just gallery, as i just recently started viewing photos and videos via this, and when i get the thumbnails they come up quick and it never just shuts down inexplicably.

- Applications space...we need to put apps on the sdcard !

- Typing an email in the browser and attempting to position the cursor in a particular spot is a nightmare !!! i will select a position, the cursor may or may not appear there...if it does appear there, then within a second it just goes to another area of text. i will type something...see that i have a spelling mistake attempt to go back and correct it, by placing the cursor strategically in front of the text...start hitting the backspace key, and then i am deleting another word on another is absolutely annoying..the type of annoyance that happens a few times especially when you are in a hurry and you start feeling like slamming the phone down on the desk getting up and buying another..haha. it happens in hotmail and gmail...or any open text window within the browser.

What's DOS?
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Re: XT720 bugs and lacks that must be fixed

Very big +1

Same problem with me also.

Laggy video,frame drop,no AF video mode,pictures quality.

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Re: XT720 bugs and lacks that must be fixed

I think I will lower my blood pressure that skyrocketed after the "news" of "No FroYo for XT720" if Motorola fix the shutter delay in camera, quality issue and the baaad stutter and low memory in video recorder. I know it will drop to normal if we get APPS2SD so that the internal memory doesn't fill up in an instance, and flash support would be a nice way for the Doctor to keep me healthy!

What's DOS?
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Re: XT720 bugs and lacks that must be fixed

A display bug that only appears in Chinese interface, not sure if it is Android OS itself or XT720 specific. I have highlighted the display bug, which is in "forward when unreachable", it is supposed to have the forwarded number displayed, but somehow a placeholder is displayed.

What's DOS?
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Re: XT720 bugs and lacks that must be fixed

I have few bugs and lacks on the phone could you please forward them to update team?

1. Camera lag

2. Not enough storage space

3. Slow performance

4. Does not run flash