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What's DOS?
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motorla support = FAIL!

I know I'm preaching to the choir but I can't believe how many of us have been duped by carriers and subsequantly motorola. At the end of the day spin it anyway you want, but the blame falls squarely on motorola shoulders. After reading several post I thought that I was the only guy who bought the xt720 outright, and paid a pretty penny I might add, because I was told by my carrier back in January that the xt720 would be receiving an update. Timeline he said that was given to the company would be a couple of weeks...well as we all know this did not happen! Instead we got the royal shaft by motorola. I called to complain to motorola and was very polite about it to. All I wanted to do was to speak to either second line support, a manager, or someone who could explain to me why I paid top dollar for a phone that is obsolete the minute I opened the box...instead I was met with, "..ahhh I'm not sure, sorry you can't speak to anyone else..." and so on, and so forth. I then called and complaned to my carrier who informed me that they get their info from motorola as they give the phone to the carrier to sell. My carrier did offer to change my phone but I would still have to pay for another smart phone at a discounted price...the thing is by the time I add what I paid for this piece of **)*)(^&* and the new phone I could have bought an iphone instead and not have to worry about support!

More then likely moto will probably delete this thread or ban me all together for speaking the truth, and this after dishing out several hundred dollars over the years by being a "loyal" customer. I've seen other post about people petitioning for months to update our phone but no replies received. My phone crashes on a regular basis and I don't have that many apps installed. Anyways, I'm sure I can compain for hours about it but I'd only be saying what many of us already if your reading this, you lost a customer! I suppose 1 person is no big deal since you deal with international markets, but know this...after speaking with at least 6 people in my office, 4 of them were going to pull the trigger on various models of moto's smart phone running android, but after they seen what I'm going through they don't want to risk it and all got iphones and BB's instead! Always remember, word gets around, and your only as good as your last great performance which apparently for moto was a long time ago....