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Crazy Short Battery Life (Even when powered off)

Ok,  this one's a toughy.  I have the XT720 (US Version).  About a week or so ago, I noticed my phone's battery started draining very quickly.  I thought maybe the battery was the issue, so I purchased a new battery at the Cin Bell store (official Moto battery). That hasn't made an improvement.  The strangest part of all this is that the battery drains at the same rate whether the phone is powered on or powered off.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I can go to bed at night with a fully charged phone, power it off, set it on the nightstand, and in the morning it won't power on because it's totally discharged. I plug it into the wall charger and after a few minutes it show the charging batt icon at 5%. Charge times are normal to get to full charge.

I have tried flashing the phone to the new Froyo 2.2 rom provided by Cin Bell last week. No improvement. I have installed APNDroid to shut data transfer when I don't need it, I have tried task killers and checked the phone settings to see what's draining the battery and there appears to be nothing out of the usual. Battery Display is always the number one item on that list (currently it says 66%). Nothing else is above 10%. I am not using live wallpapers or GPS or background data transfer.  I have as few processes running as I can get and it still seems like the battery life is crazy short.  I get about maybe 5~6 hours from a full charge. I don't get it. 

Anyone else experience similar problems?  The real killer is the fact that phone drains fast when it's not even turned on.  That one stumps me and I can't find anything on the Internet about it.

Please help!


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Re: Crazy Short Battery Life (Even when powered off)

It sounds like there may be an issue with the phone, I would suggest

returning it for a new one.

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