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Re: How do I get a refund? I'm SUING!


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Re: How do I get a refund? I'm SUING!

Ok then.

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Re: How do I get a refund? I'm SUING!

Employees are never Xprts. Not even by night, with capes and tights.

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Re: How do I get a refund? I'm SUING!

What you said is true, in the past, however nowadays customers are expecting "upgrades" as updates.

For example ie.  multitasking, copy to paste, app store, book store etc... (these are considered new features and hence new functionality). 

For iphone and Windows phone 7 users these are free UPGRADES and by Apple and Microsoft they are stated as an UPDATE.  Good.  Now from Motorola or your point of view you view these features above (hypothetically) as UPGRADES.  If that were the case half the phones out there including the Cliq XT/Milestone should have just stayed with the shipping firmware/software and never got new functionality ie. New android market, and other features. 

If this is Motorolas stance that UPGRADES and UPDATES are different (as stated above in the NEW world of smartphones they are the same thing), I cannot accept this and I won't be buying a Motorola in the future or any Android phone.  This Fragmentation is killing me and its users, I'd rather be in a closed ecosystem like iPhone or Windows Phone 7/ HP Palm or Rim (users got free UPGRADES from os 5 to os 6 even! HTML 5!!! What? that is new functionality!)

As an iPhone user and now unfortunately an Android user, I cant even count the amount of UPGRADES that I have received on the iPhone, starting with the APP store which basically changed the industry.

Once again, I don't like the fact that you guys explicity differentiate between UPGRADES and UPDATES because to me and many new smart phone users, its the same thing.  You guys like to play on the semantics of this, but time will tell and the numbers will show.

What's DOS?
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Re: How do I get a refund? I'm SUING!

Once again though, everyone here gets frustrated by the delay of updates.  Do the high-end phones have 2.3?  No.  They are still waiting. 

Time won't tell for Motorola.  You know how many people are just waiting for the Xoom, Atrix, and Cliq 2 to come out?  I'm sure a lot of them are old customers.  Their strategy worked obviously.  While the Cliq was a horrible, abandoned phone, I'm sure a ton of owners are going to Cliq 2 for a 'better phone'.  Why upgrade it when people operate on two year contracts and have the memory spans of Dori from Finding Nemo?

That's the nature of it.  We don't have influence because we are individuals.  Motorola controls the market for all intents and purposes.