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Milestone XT720 with T-mobile

Hello everybody

I just get an unlocked XT720 but I have a problem with the T-mobile network. I have a data plan but I can not access to the internet or receive MMS through this network and it not appear 3G on my signal bars. I think it is due to server configuration. Anyone know how to configure my phone? or where can I found it? There is an app that can configure it??

Thank you!!!

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Re: Milestone XT720 with T-mobile

You will need to set up the APN to work with T-Mobile.

Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks > Access Point Names > Menu key (4 squares) > New APN

Fill out the new APN as follows:

Name: T-Mobile US


Proxy: (leave this blank)

Port: (leave this blank)

Username: (leave this blank)

Password: (leave this blank)

Server: (leave this blank)


MMS Proxy: (leave this blank)

MMS Port: (leave this blank)

MCC: 310

MNC: 260

APN Type: (leave this blank)

Once you have completed the APN settings, press the menu key (4 squares) and select save.

Back out of the screen once and select the APN radio button.

Restart the phone.