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What's DOS?
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Unlock Bootloader for XT720

Hi Mark,

As we now know that Moto can't provide any upgrades for Milestone XT720, I sincerely request you to atleast unlock its bootloader. This way we can atleast get the android upgrades from other developers and also use our phones for atleast another year without being a laughing stock.

Also few things which makes us confused as hell and I along with thousands of XT720 users would like an explanation for:

1) A phone with almost similar config i.e. the Motoroi XT701 gets an upgrade for Froyo 2.2 but the XT720 won't.

2) Phones with configs worse than XT720 i.e. Milestone A855 gets an upgrade for Froyo 2.2 but the XT710 won't.

Mark can you please provide an explanation for the above 2 points.

Again I sincerely & kindly request Moto/You to atleast unlock the bootloader for XT720. Would definitely get you/Moto a lot of blessings.



P.S.: Making this request to you Mark as you are the only one whose actually bothers to reply and I thank you a lot for your efforts.

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Re: Unlock Bootloader for XT720


Most of the time I ignore posts that specifically call me out as this is a peer to peer support community. I do have sympathy for the XT720 users.

1.) Sorry don't have any explanation for this one as much as I'd like to other than.

Thank you for your feedback on the Milestone XT720; due to limited resources, we can confirm that this device will not be receiving software updates/upgrades other than those were provided on

2.) See #2

3.) Since the phone won't receive future updates it's unlikely that the bootloader will be unlocked.


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What's DOS?
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Re: Unlock Bootloader for XT720


How much resource will be required to just provide an update which unlocks the bootloader..u dont even need to provide it OTA..we will download it from the site..after paying so many bucks for the phone don't we deserve this much resource??

Thanks for replying,


What's DOS?
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Re: Unlock Bootloader for XT720

If Cincinati Bell is working on a Froyo update for the XT720 could the bootloader be unlocked with that update? Or is that not possible because it's not coming from Motorola?

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Re: Unlock Bootloader for XT720

The bootloader would still be locked since it's not a Motorola solution.

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What's DOS?
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Re: Unlock Bootloader for XT720

Hi Moto (not calling Mark out),

I am a repeat moto customer.. love the XT720, but as you know.. it has flaws on android 2.1.

Please unlock my bootloader.

In exchange:

1.  my faith in future moto purchases would be restored.

2.  I will absolve Moto & my carrier Cincinnati Bell of any warantee requirements (I will nullify my warantee).

3.  I will hold no ill will toward Moto & my carrier Cincinnati Bell if I destroy my phone or ruin my own user experience.

4.  I'm not even asking you to unlock all XT720... just mine!

I have tried the Cincy Bell upgrade... it is not an acceptable solution... it is a buggy rip-off of Dexter's ROM.  Even though the CincyBell Froyo is not acceptable, I respect them for listening to their customer & TRYING TO MAKE IT RIGHT!).  I would like to use a full version of MIUI or CyanogenMod....... two open source projects that seem to be able to muster the "resources" to create stable roms for dozens of different manufacturers & models.

(Again, not calling Mark out....).

Can moto for once be honest with us & say they haven't unlocked the bootloader up to this point because the phone's lifecycle would increase by a year or two...

Looking forward to my next Samsung or HTC Android!

Signed  -  Mr. Urbanek.

Again.. this post is not calling Mark out.... ... not sayin his  (& thus Moto's) responses have been rediculous, weak & unnacceptable to a customer....  not calling him out though..... 

What's DOS?
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Re: Unlock Bootloader for XT720

MIUI is closed source.

Who can we contact to encourage Motorola to unlock our bootloader? With all do respect these forums seem quite impotent. The fact that Cincinnati Bell released a hijacked ROM to circumvent the bootloader clearly indicates that the problem is solely on Motorola's end, not the carrier's. So who do we contact?

What's DOS?
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Re: Unlock Bootloader for XT720


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18. Aug 2, 2011 5:45 PM                             (in response to spinward)

When is the bootloader being unlocked?