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Heart Rate Zone Total Time Not Correct on MotoActv

2013-02-16, 15:25 PM

I recently started using the planned workout on Motoactv to schedule pre-planned cardio training.  I also input pre-planned Heart Rate Zones per an evaluation that was done on me.  Now when I go through the workout the Motoactv correctly knows which zone I'm in and notifies me when I'm in or out of a zone.  Now when I sync the data to Motoactv website the total time in the zones are not accurate.  For example, I would jog for 60 minutes, but on motoactv website it shows I worked out for 60 minutes, but it shows that I'm in zone 1 for 1:37 and zone 2 for 0:37.  The graph accurately shows the heart rate though, and if you look at the graph you can tell I definately was in the zone longer then 1:37.


Now the funny thing is, the other day I did a Quick Start for my run since I didn't have time to program the workout online.  Well, when I synced that data online.  It showed that I ran for 45 minutes and that zone 2 was for 35:21 and zone 3 was for 19:39.  I tried this for a custom activity for weight training and the same results.  Correct time and correct total for heart rate zones.  So something with programming the workout online is causing the heart rate zone total to be incorrect.  Please fix since I use these totals for tracking how I'm doing, and manually reading the graph is too cumbersome.

I have included an example of what I am talking about.



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Re: Heart Rate Zone Total Time Not Correct on MotoActv

2013-02-16, 21:06 PM

I have bad news. I tried to draw attention to this problem nearly a year ago. My data on the portal comes out very much like yours. Naturally at first the team assumed that I was just mistaken about the HR zones in which I had been performing (questioning "are you sure you weren't just below Zone 1 during your workout???) despite the fact that I made it perfectly clear that the device was measuring my HR correctly, that the graphs were correct, and that the problem did not occur when I did Quickstart workouts as opposed to programming. I continued to bring it up regularly and got no response until others began complaining as well. The few responses that the team put out were little more than filibusters. They abandoned the forum around August 2012 without ever having expressed intent to try and fix this issue.

For me, the primary saving grace of the Motoactv is that I purchased it from Verizon. Within the first few months the headphone jack stopped functioning. I have no doubt that Motorola would have written it off as "liquid damage" but Verizon shipped my replacement overnight (this time with a rubber plug) and took care of the warranty for me. I have experienced many of the issues that are mentioned in the forum, but over time I have learned fixes and workarounds. At this point, the Motoactv functions properly and does most everything I want it to do. The incorrect table of the time in HR zones during programmed workouts is the one defect that remains. Which sucks because I very seldom train without programmed workouts. I wish I had a better answer for you and if someone else out there knows of a way to fix this, I sure wish they'd share it with the rest of us.

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