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MMS config on RAZR v3x

2014-08-07, 7:39 AM

This my message previously posted elsewhere, I hope getting a little more response:


Hannibal0303 said:

Hello, I don't seem to find the button to create a new topic, so I'm posting in this one.

I work for a Belgian telecomoperator. One of our cmr's has a Motorola RAZR v3x and does not succeed in configuring MMS. I do not find a manual of any kind for this type of handset. could you help us with this?

Where do we configure MMS?


Thanks in advance!


  • Hey there,

    That's quite an old phone and there is some pitfalls in setting up MMS in addition.

    I can arrange for this customer being called/ emailed, or if transfer of customer data is out of question, have him contact us (call, email, chat): https://motorola-global-en-roe.custhelp.com/app/mcp/service/session/L3RpbWUvMTQwNjgwMDU5My9zaWQvZ1BrUmpGLWw%3D

    The main issue with these devices is that when they used to be subsidy locked to for example T-mobile, then it is possible to unlock these devices to be able to call on all networks.

    However, the software of a subsidy locked phone contains only the MMS settings of T-mobile in this case. There is no other MMS settings provided by T-mobile in their subsidy locked phones. When the phone is now unlocked, then they can call and text no problem, but there is no possibility at all to manually add other MMS settings.

    In contrast, on a phone which was never subsidy locked, it is perfectly possible to add MMS settings.

    I suspect this might be the case here, but I can only say for sure when I have the IMEI and the verbatim of the customer. If the customer has previously contacted us and the agent did not know the answer to his question then I wouldn't be surprised - it's older than 10 years.

    Have him mention to ask Nicole Summers, the Forum Moderator of Motorola. I am situated in the EMEA call centre so the agent will then come up and ask me.



  • Hannibal0303

    posted August 1, 2014 by Hannibal0303Telegraph 

    Hi Nicole,

    Thanks for your answer. Problem is that this cmr is frenchspeaking. I'd imagine that would be an issue?

    I will try to get correct information(Imei, where did he get the handset) from the cmr and pass it on.

    Would that work for you?

  • Hannibal0303

    posted August 1, 2014 by Hannibal0303Telegraph 

    Hi again,

    The IMEI of his handset = 357390000389738

    He bought the handset without subscription(only uses prepaid), so I don't assume his handset is simlocked.

    I'm awaiting your response Nicole, hoping you can help me with this. Is there any way I can contact you directly - preferably by mail? I'm not very handy with this forum and I don't like to go slow :)

    Kind Regards,


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Re: MMS config on RAZR v3x

2014-08-07, 11:04 AM

Hey Hannibal, 

I have layed out the path on how to deal with the question, can you follow? I am drowning in emails and private messages and would appreciate if you could help me help you.




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Re: MMS config on RAZR v3x

2014-08-07, 15:20 PM
~~~ Moved post to the RAZR V series forum ~~~
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