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What's DOS?
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RAZR D3: Battery skipping/jumping. Counting wrong.

The problem started when using my RAZR D3 2 days ago. The battery level did an immediate drop from 27% to 12% in one second. I continued using and decided to drain the battery until 0%/it's auto-power off. When i plugged it into the charger, the battery went immediately from 1% to 12%. So I immediately let it drain again to 0% by use. When I charge it now, the battery level immediately jumps from 1% to 22%. Unfortunately, as you know, D3 has a hard-placed battery wich as far i know, if I take it out, I'm compromising warranty. My phone isn't even 4 months old. It looks like the battery counter, along with the battery itself is ''skipping'' juice, like it was not being recognized being there, having noticed  the battery draining faster while phone being completely idle.  What's to be done about this? Any help really appreciated. I'm wanting to give completely up on Motorola. This is so frustrating.

What's DOS?
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Re: RAZR D3: Battery skipping/jumping. Counting wrong.

I'd recommend to charge it overnight and use until the battery is completely drained a few times in a row and check if this solves the problem.

I have the same model using daily for almost 2 years now and the battery still goes strong, this is a very nice phone and recently was updated to kit kat 4.4.2 which improved noticeably the performance and stability.

What's DOS?
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Re: RAZR D3: Battery skipping/jumping. Counting wrong.

Did you ever get it right? Having similar issues with my Atrix HD & can't find any help. Wiped partition cache, ran it all the way down, recharged to 100% with it off,with it on. It may go into shutdown at 24%, 66%, but no warning. I have a similar post on Atrix HD forum, but no ideas, suggestions or help.