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What's DOS?
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RAZR D3 shut down and won't power back on

Ok, so yesterday my one year old razr d3 seems to have died on me. It was quickly draining its battery and I only managed to get home and plug it in when it was about 1%. Having plugged it in I thought I would be able to keep using it, but even though it was showing the charging sign the battery still drained to 0% and the phone shut down. After that I've tried leaving it plugged in overnight, different chargers, different usb cables, holding down the power button for over 20s, holding down the power+volume down keys for a soft reset and even holding down the power+volume down+volume up keys for a hard reset. Nothing seems to work, all I get is the green notification light staying on while the phone is plugged into any power source but even that turns off it I unplug it. As a hail mary I tried plugging the phone into my computer and pressing all of those button combinations and when I try either the soft or the hard reset combinations my computer responds with the sound it usually makes when detecting new devices (it even started trying to "install it" as a new device) but a couple of seconds later it makes the accompanying sound of when I unplug an external device. I'm guessing my battery is most likely dead, but does anybody have any other suggestions? Any way I could at least get the data that was stored in the internal memory of the device? Seriously, ANY help would be greatly appreciated!