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Razr D1 earphone button doesn't pause/play music


My title was supposed to be a question, but the limit of character wasn't big enough, so here it goes:

Is the Razr D1 earphone button supposed to do anything aside from taking/hanging up calls, like pausing/playing/skipping music?

I'm asking this, because I tried every earphone with buttons I could put my hands on, including the one that came with the Razr D1, but I couldn't do anything in all the music players I tried (including the default, Play Music). I even tried using apps like "Headset Button Controller", but it still didn't work. I checked for dirty inside the earphone jack, but there was none. I also tried using the phone that came with the Razr D1 in another cellphones, and it was able to do the aforementioned funcions in the same music players I tested.

I called Motorola and a guy said to me that it was supposed to work, but I've seen so many people complaining on the Internet about how it doesn't work at all (I also have I cousin whose Razr D3 lacks the same function) that now I'm confused. I'm even thinking about giving this phone to my father and buy myself one that has this function, because I love music, but don't want to keep taking the phone out of my pocket just to do some simple thing like playing/pausing/skipping or even changing the volume of the phone.

Thank you very much.


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Re: Razr D1 earphone button doesn't pause/play music

Some phones don't support inline mic buttons. In other cases you have to ensure that the polls and insulators line up otherwise you get a short circuit.


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