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Razr d1 xt918 gps hardware missing or ?

Razr d1 xt918 gps hardware missing or android build broken?

Hi there gents.

I just bought a new razr d1 xt918.

And im having issues with the navigation apps while driving a car, such as google maps navigation, and waze app.

I've already did that tutorial using the phone tester to unlock the X axis for the compass. But mine 3 axis were moving okay already.

The issue that im having is that when im using such apps to navigate with the car moving around the gps system seems to take too long to lock or respond, or finnaly "load", so i've already moved from a position and the gps app screen is still far behind where i was before.

In a way that the navigation apps with routes and maps can only be used as a google maps for consulting a frame of a map. But you cannot use it for real time driving. im not having a real time movement in any car navigation app, because the gps does not respond soon enough.

With the phone tester app, i can go @Sensor status and there i see three boxes showing: Accelerometer / Proximity Sensor / Light Sensor.

All three boxes seems to be responding okay.

But when I hit the ! (exclamation point) on the top right of the screen i get this message: 

Your phone doesn't have :


Magnetic field sensor

Temperature sensor


Pressure Sensor

Humidity Sensor

Okay. i think i don't need things like humidity sensor.

But the other sensors like magnetic field, gyroscope, compass and the rest. Isn't those sensors needed to have a good enough hardware to perform a real time gps navigation inside an app ?

Are these RAZR's phone model missing some hardwares devices in the gps system?

Or is it the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 bugged in a way that cannot have these sensors working correclty.

Searching for answers i've already find a lot of complains about the gps issue, or compass issue wich in my case the axis were working fine.

But there are a lot of complains about it. Even because in the Gingerbread builds, older one, the navigations app could work pretty good.

Why the new phones cannot ?

And another this is that there are a lot of people complaing and sharing tutorials. but no official axplanation about it. not at all. Or from google, or motorola, or verizon, or nothing.

I saw that another guy have recieved a messahe from the support telling that his phone does not have the compass devices and point. stop trying to use it. haha.

I think that the support guys were oriented to tell the customer that he does not have a compass and force him to give up the problem.

Please. How i do to have a real time navigation with this phone ?

razr d1 XT918

Andorid version 4.1.2



Band base

MAUI.11AMD.w12.22.SP.V21.F3.P.2013/09/2012 10:15

Kernel version


#1 PREEMPT thu oct 3 17:55:15 CST 2013

Version number