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FastDormancy keeping phone awake


I have a RAZR HD (Retail Brazil) for some time now and I noticed that my phone is kept awake for half of the time (which is way too long).

On the Battery stats, Android OS is always on the top. I have installed Wakelock Detector and when looking at the details for Android OS, the culprit is always "FDCompleteTime" (FastDormancy, according to some online research).

Comparing my "awake" line to a Nexus 4, it looks horrible, almost completely blue, whereas the Nexus only has a few spots of blue.

Is there any way fix this issue, disable FastDormancy, or is this at least expected to be fixed in KitKat?


What's DOS?
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Re: FastDormancy keeping phone awake

Check this forum, you might be interested.