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What's DOS?
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My Razr HD xt925 keeps restarting


I recently bought a used Razr HD, and it worked fine the first couple of days but it start to freeze and then it automaticaly restarts itself. This happens several times a day, i tried ending somes running apps to free RAM but it keeps happening. I check if it was a specifil app or something but everytime i'm doing different things.

The guy I bought the phone from said that with him it worked fine.

I need help please it's starting to become annoying.


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Re: My Razr HD xt925 keeps restarting


Is there any common situation prior to the reboot?


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What's DOS?
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Re: My Razr HD xt925 keeps restarting

Hi, I was having this problem with my RAZR as well a while back and went to another forum. It's highly likely to be a rogue app or corrupt files or something like that. Because a fresh clean basic install of any version of Android is stable. What I would suggest you do is make a list of the apps you want on your phone, then do a factory reset. Do you have an SD card?  Take it out. Once your phone factory resets, when you sign in with your Google account, say NO when it asks you if you want to restore your apps.  Then see how your phone works like that.  Basic, no customizations.  Run like that for a few days.  Are you still getting the unexpected restarts?  IF so, then it's pointing to a hardware problem. IF not, then you can go to your list and install an app you want, ONLY ONE, each day. Install a new app in the morning and see how the phone runs during the day. Let me know what you think of that.  Smiley Happy